Monday, October 11, 2010

We Are All Africans

Thanks to BoingBoing I learn about Richard Dawkin's T-shirt ...

On the front:

"We Are All Africans"

On the back:

"The Bible says modern people are the result of incestuous relations Cain and his brothers had with their sisters.

Science says we are all descendants of Africans. I believe science

Will someone buy me (and my kids!) one.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

MS FOIA Software

Alex, the Yorkshire Ranter (see link right), wrote back to me regarding the MS Public Records Tracker software and I rather enjoyed this part of his response ...

"Obviously it would be better if it was an open-source project written in Python by Brazilian anarchist orphans, providing an extensive Web service API so you could hook WhatDoTheyKnow directly up to it. And a pony. But then you'd need to beat most of the organisations involved out flat with a 2x4 cluebat to get them to install it."

Monday, October 4, 2010

Freedom of Information has a price

Public Records Tracker TM FOIA State Gov Software ...

“is built on the proven, reliable Microsoft technology foundation of Dynamics CRM. Public Records Tracker powered by Dynamics CRM is the first SaaS (Software as a Service) solution which is specifically designed to help enable a government agency, (federal, state or local) to manage citizen requests for records from start to finish.”

“This product can really help government organizations at the state, local, and federal levels manage, track, and respond to Public Records Act and Freedom of Information Act requests in a timely and responsive manner.”

- Curt Kolcun, Vice President
Microsoft US Public Sector

“Key Features:

• Track all communication and activities between agency and requestor
• Audit capabilities to track dates of correspondence
• Prioritize and/or escalate a request based on predefined criteria
• Connect all relevant emails and documents associated with a records request
• Provide standard responses to common PRA requests automatically
• Auto alerts to notify when a records request is approaching the mandatory due date
• Workflow that will allow requests to be automatically routed to the appropriate staff
• Estimate and track fees associated with fulfilling a records request
• Key word search to find information quickly and easily
• Ability to receive and respond to requests using email, fax, mail and the web
• Ability to view all records requests and the status from a single application
• Provide key FOIA compliance reports”

USD 125.00 per month.

Oh ... almost forgot! Look at the security guarantees!