Friday, November 17, 2006

The First Four Weeks - Part 3

While all this was going on at the hospital, I also had a lot to see to on the “outside”.

Kezia's passport, Nanda's visa extension, a new driving license (I only had the old-style green one) and, above all, finding a house to rent.

We preferably wanted something near to my brother and sister-in-law. My brother got the local paper on Saturday – there was a fully-furnished back-to-back terrace 30 seconds round the corner! We went and peered through the windows – looked ideal! Monday was a bank holiday so first thing Tuesday morning I rang the estate agency and said I wanted it even without a viewing! Arranged a viewing anyway and gave our sob-story. There were other interested parties but we got it!

It's ideal – down a short alley off the main road. A late 19th century terrace of five houses with a small garden directly in front of the house. Great for kids with no traffic to worry about. Fully-furnished, as I said, and the previous occupants had even left a hi-fi which was not on the house inventory!

Being tucked away as it is, the only disadvantage is that no taxi driver has ever heard of it! We have to give the address of the back-to-back behind us on the main road.

After signing the contract, I then had to set up the electricity, gas, telephone, TV license and council tax. Blimey everything has changed from when I last lived in the UK – now you can do it all over the phone and pay at the local shop!

One of my sister-in-law's sons donated a television, the other a mobile phone. Necessities such as bedding, pots and pans etc had to be bought.

Meanwhile at the hospital we were being prepared to leave and for Kezia to continue treatment as an out-patient. The major preparation was to train us in the administration of medication via the Hickman Line. Two training sessions and we were deemed competent. It really needs two people – one to clean the line, administer the medication etc and one to hold Kezia and check the first person is doing it all correctly. So when we finally got home, and as I would be coming back here, we trained my brother, sister-in-law and one of her sons on how to do it as well.

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