Friday, December 1, 2006


As the population of our country is only around 160,000, its diaspora is proportionately small. The bulk of it resides in the ex-colonial power. There are also small communities in neighbouring African countries and a few scattered here and there elsewhere.

London has a small community and there are a few scattered elsewhere around the country.

The town in which we live in the UK has a population of 205,000 and a small African community – enough to establish a small NGO that runs a community centre with a food shop next door. My brother had been trying to get in touch with them but with little success. So when I took Jaime over in November, I dragged Nanda and Kezia off to see what they did.

We were met at the reception by a Gabonese man who explained a little of their activities. He then said oh and the woman working in the shop next door speaks the same language as Nanda, I think she's from ..., I'll call her over. Turns out that she's right from our own country! An amazing coincidence!

So the next 2 hours are spent talking and talking and talking ...

A real morale booster for Nanda - I hope she has stayed in touch.


Dr John Crippen said...

Hi there

Just read your blog from beginning to end.

Good luck with it all.


Kim said...


Hope things are going well, keep us updated, Love to all


Thalia said...

Glad to hear how good your treatment has been, I hope Kezia is firmly on the long road to recovery.

herschelian said...

Hello -
Good wishes to you all, hope the treatment is progressing well.

Angus said...

Many thanks for your kind comments - I have already translated and sent them to Nanda.