Monday, August 18, 2008

Plan and Consult, Consult and Plan

Our government promises to consult with us and then make its plans.

The Darzi "consultation" counted on members-of-the-public-with-nothing-else-to-do - and paid them.

The Darzi "consultation" has now charged the SHAs, and so, down-the-line, the PCTs etc, to consult and plan or ... oh sorry, plan and consult.

The SHAs have hastily planned, the PCTs etc have hastily planned ... and only now are we being consulted?

Lucia was meant to meet the children's director of the Central Manchester and Manchester Children's University Hospital Trust, a foundation trust, as a member of the trust's board of governors last week ... the meeting has been indefinitely postponed. It doesn't give initial confidence that foundation trust boards of citizen governors are nothing more than political lip-service to the concept of community participation in the governance of local health services.

Very confused!

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