Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Biting the Bullet

Tom Reynold's post on the NHS IT Connecting for Health consultation finally inspired me to sumnon up the courage to make the following Freedom of Information request ... watch this space.

Dear Angus

Thank you for your email.

Your request has been forwarded to Mr Paley and you should receive a
response shortly.


Peter Cavanagh
Information Officer

Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Directorate
NHS Connecting for Health

-----Original Message-----

To: nhscfh.foirequests@nhs.net
Subject: FOIA request

Dear Mr Paley

I wish to obtain the following information about the NHS Connecting for Health programme under the terms of the FOIA.

a) how much the NHS is paying Microsoft for licensing of Microsoft's Operating Systems and any support services directly provided by Microsoft?

b) how many discrete contracts does the NHS have with Microsoft? If more than one, what products/services are provided under each contract and what is the cost of each contract?

c) if 3rd-part vendors are contracted to provide support services for Microsoft products, how many such contracts exist, how are they administered, and what is their total value?

d) what operating system is planned to be used on fileservers hosting the centralised patient record system, and with which core-database software is it being implemented?

If my request needs to be submitted in a different format, please advise.

Best regards

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