Thursday, February 5, 2009


A prize (please suggest what - a piece of singed stage cork?) to the first reader who can suggest an appropriate royal epithet for the Prince who will insult a coffee-coloured UK citizen who happens to be a health tourist within the royal countries of the Commonwealth (and empire) over which our head of state presides?

I hope Kezia never lives in a country where the head of state or her off-springs refer to my daughter or any of her/his subjects as Sooties (black coal-covered Dickens chimney sweeps).

Paki, Nigger, Black, Gypsy, Jew, Arab, ... name it. Fuck-off - my daughter is beautiful and if you ever ever take that away from me and her I will never forgive you.

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Lea White said...

I absolutely hate it when people do this to other people. It is disgraceful.

And you are absolutely right - Kezia is beautiful!

Lea White