Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Family Re-united

Kezia's new school "Arco Iris" - The Rainbow.


Rosie said...

Welcome back to cyberspace - you have been missed.

I too am out of work but my husband is working so in Ireland, one income is pretty good these days. Small peripheral islands seem to be really suffering in this economic mess. I was in the UK last week and while things are bad, there are jobs advertised in services which is unheard of here. It is impossible to get a job even in McDonnells, despite qualifications. Life really consists of lurching from crises to crises I reckon.

Your kids will settle back in probaly quicker that the adults and I hope those insect bites get sorted out.

Keep well


Rob said...

Angus, The post-treatment period has its own insidious difficulties, even without worldwide economic collapse. Hang in there.

Lucia said...

Hi Angus, have been thinking about you all. Sorry to hear it has been so difficult out there.


Angus said...

Thanks all for the supprt and rewelcome!

Anonymous said...

Hi angus,glad your all ok. Speak soon.

Mr S