Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Quacktitioner, Nurse Practitioner and GP Guide to the Diagnosis of Childhood Leukaemia

This little Piggy went to market
This little Pigggy went to town
This little Piggy ate roast beef
This little Piggy ate none
And this little Piggy ate none
And this little Piggy went wee wee wee ... all the way home!

[Tickle the sole of the foot]

Jaime reminded me of this nursery rhyme last night ... I was amazed that he remembered it after all these years.

One of Kezia's first symptoms of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia was ambulatory (i.e. walking) difficulties.

Given my recent Internet difficulties, I haven't been able to follow my favourite blogs regularly but yesterday I noticed that Dr Crippen has been commenting on the Department of Health's criticism of GPs' failure to diagnose cancer. Jaime's advice may be of use in the diagnosis of paedatric leukaemia.

Another useful ditty may be the following ...

Round and Round the Garden
Like a Teddy Bear
One Step
Two Steps
Tickle you under there.

I.e. Circle the palm of the hand, step up the arm and tickle under the armpit.

But, of course, NICE will have to decide whether such diagnostic tools have a place in modern medical practice.

Come to think of it Jaime's recommendations could be diagnostic tools for a whole range of complaints - will someone recommend such to NICE?

Neither I nor Jaime are medical practitioners but we would love to hear your opinions!

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