Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eu não quero mulher, mulher só tras problemas ....

"Eu não quero mulher, mulher só tras problemas ..."

... loosely translates as "I don't want a woman, women just bring problems".

This was the title of a popular song by a local artist, Pépé Lima, a few years back. It went on "she just wants a car, gasoline, a house ..." etc etc.

It caused quite alot of polemic at the time, widely condemned by the female half of Santomense society as misogynist, anti-feminist ... but all the same I have some sympathy as that is the way this society often functions, even though there are two sides to to the stories of the sexes.

Anyway, Kezia heard it on the radio the other day and began singing along ... except she made a few changes ... "I don't want a man, men just bring problems ..."

A budding feminist? At the age of six?

I should be proud!

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