Monday, November 22, 2010

John Lydon

I read today that John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten of Sex Pistols fame, and a key role model of my formative years, came down with meningitis at the age of seven and endured many months of agonising treatment - agonising both for himself and his parents. And later to have a deep impact on his personal development!

How is Kezia going to turn out?


Anonymous said...

He is also advertising Country Life Butter at the moment! Best Wishes Thelma

Angus said...


Thanks Thelma for still visiting. Much love!

Anonymous said...

Have sent several emails over the months but no reply. Thought I may hear from you this way. Thelma

Anonymous said...

I hope she will be too young going through the treatment to really remember it-I think the impact is really on the grown ups !

Angus said...

And thanks Rosie for still visiting!!!

Impact on the grown-ups I totally agree - right now it seems our family and marriage is breaking-up!

I lost Kezia for four years to leukaemia and now I am losing her in a broken marriage!