Friday, December 3, 2010

EveryDNS and Wikileaks Part II

The Beeb has picked up on the story of Wikileaks being thrown off the EveryDNS service. So Wikileaks relocated to a server at IP address or http:/ (in Switzerland). Meanwhile a whole bunch of Wikileak mirrors have cropped up - list available at

Ironically, and to quote from the BBC,

"One web expert explained that Wikileaks had managed to re-establish web access via a different address,

"Users visiting the website appear to be directed via a Swedish website on to a server in France which is now hosting their main website," explained Sebastien Lahtinen, director of web hosting firm NetConnex.

In a surprising twist, the .ch address is also hosted by EveryDNS.

"It seems a strange choice given that they pulled the plug on the .org address just a few hours ago," said Paul Mutton, a security analyst at internet services firm Netcraft. "It could be that Wikileaks is quite happy to play a cat and mouse game with them," he added."

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