Monday, April 11, 2011

Giv - with Warm Olive Oil

The advertising agency for Giv soap never ceases to amaze me ... "Warm olive oil is rich in protein & natural oil ingredients, making your skin healthy and shimmering. With exotic perfume for an exotic personality." Hints here of the effects of Daly's Skin Shimmer. Now we all know olive oil is good for you. Why warm, as opposed to cool, olive oil has an additional quality I really don't know. And the ingredients list olive oil "extract", whatever that is. However, what is really interesting about this soap is its colour. The last time I bought Marseillaise olive oil soap, it was, as you would expect, olive green in colour. Not so with Giv ... see below.

Is this a new variety of olive?

And I am now really mystified as to which variety of Giv their model is using - a different one each day? She must be elegant, exotic, energetic, refreshing etc etc all at the same time! Sounds like the woman of my dreams!

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