Thursday, July 21, 2011

First Libyan 419 Scam?

From: Salim Fadi Salim of Libya

Hallo, As-Salum'Alaykum.

Please I want to come to your country from Libya with my family and I need your help. I have luggage with significant asset worth few million American dollars I want to send across to your country through diplomatic carrier ahead of our arrival but destination. Please can you receive the luggage on my behalf and welcome us as your guest when we arrive to your country?

Please reply to this mail and help me with your particulars to enable the agent helping me (Mackenzie Logistics) to register and book the luggage for shipment/airfreight to you.

I would like to speak with you but the war has effected most actives services, telecommunication network, hospitals, schools etc, however my number is 00218 917884074, sometimes the phone works but most times it doesn't, you can try to call me maybe I will be lucky, but send your
direct number so I book call to you through satellite payphone service.

Please I apologize.

Thank you (Shuran)

From Salim Fadi Salim of Lib

Al 3 Fajjar, LBY, Gregarage Tripoli, Libya

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