Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Nothing sophisticated about cigarette lighters here ... no expensive Ronsons or classic Zippos just cheap disposable plastic lighters that tend to go bust before fuel runs out. Manufactured, like our soap, toothpaste etc, in the far east. Not sophisticated? Are you sure?

First in our selection is the bog standard disposable lighter. The strike mechanism goes kaput or the flint flies ballistically across the room before the fuel runs out ... leaving just one option - dispose of it.

Second in our selection is the bog standard lighter but with a tiny LCD light. A lighter with a light. The light components take up approximately a third of the lighter leaving a
reduced fuel capacity so the lighter function always ends before the light - my children bug me all the time for my "used" lighter. This LCD is really useful when there is a power cut and you don't have matches and a candle on hand (ok - so where the fuck did I leave the lighter?). So it is somewhat recyclable. The model in our photo seems to be aware that among its many functions, one is prejudicial to "Health". Who would buy a lighter if they didn't smoke?

So here's a bigger version. The light mechanism is completely separate from the lighter and is, as our photos show, completely detachable from the lighter. This is cool - you can throw away the lighter part when it is exhausted and keep the light. The light is more powerful than our first type. Its only disadvanatge seems to be it breaks up into its component parts when you drop it.

Our fourth lighter should not be called a cigarette lighter. The lighter comes in a series - I have three, I'm not sure if there are more or not. They don't have the immensely practical LCDs of the former two but boast fine displays of the leaf of a cannabis plant. So, rather, they are not "cigarette lighters" but rather "joint or spliff lighters".

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