Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm not a great fan of the term "psychogeography" but it has a pedigree and there seems to be a lack of a suitable alternative to describe human effects on the environment.

So I will now stretch the definition a little bit as Peter Karzil is doing with his observations of the colours of clothes ...

Fashion Observation experiment and Boring fashion colors

Jane Heap in a 1917 Little Review essay wrote:

"You can talk about or write about or paint or sculpt some parts of the body but others must be treated like the Bad Lands. You can write about what you see that you don't like, what you touch, taste or hear; but you can't write about what you smell; if you do you are accused of using nasty words. I could say alot more about the geography of the body, and how its influence goes all the way through until the censor makes a geography of your mind and soul."

The smell of shit.

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