Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kezia starts school

Kezia started school yesterday.

She has been so looking forward to it that it seems she hardly slept on Monday night waiting for school to open.

No looking back to Nanda … except Nanda had forgotten her indoor shoes and had to go and fetch them.

And when Nanda went to pick her up, Kezia hadn’t been sure of the (NHS-speak) “protocol” for telling teacher that she wants to wee-wee, so was crossing her legs.

“Angus doesn’t have a teacher, Nanda doesn’t have a teacher, Pete doesn’t have a teacher, Paula doesn’t have a teacher, Stefan doesn’t have a teacher, Hamilton doesn’t have a teacher … but me and Jaime have teachers!”.

She will have to miss school for one day most weeks to go to hospital and we are concerned how she will be when she is on the dreaded Dexamethasone for four days a month, when she is moody and lethargic – first time round begins next Wednesday. Will she want to go school? If she does, how will she be? Her teacher has been briefed and we will just have to play it by ear.

I am relieved. Another milestone … not directly part of the leukaemia story but certainly related.


Anonymous said...

Well done another great milestone. Leonie also started school at the begining of the month so we have had a few weeks of getting used to it. As for the dex days, she insisted on going but I was called by the school to take her home an hour later, head down on the table, jaws hurting and no energy to even walk to the car ! I think we will just pass on school on the dex days from now on. We are lucky they are only at the most junior level where missing days wont have too much of an impact.

Hope she loves every minute she gets to school,


Angus said...

Thanks for the warning! Have written to her teacher!