Friday, September 28, 2007

Random Musings

Driving home from work today, I dwelled on the pain Kezia must go through on these bad bad bad Dexamethasone trips. Four days a month for the remaining year of treatment. Kezia and Nanda went to town today – Kezia loves going on the bus, but they didn’t get very far before Kezia said “Nanda, Kezia doesn’t feel good” and they went home … but not before buying her a (toy) mobile phone on which she apparently phoned me and roundly chastised me! For what I don’t know.

Nanda and I talked about how she is beginning to verbalise her pain which makes it a bit easier for Nanda and Jaime to respond appropriately.

I cannot bear to think about these dex trips but must. Kezia, Nanda and Jaime must live with it.

Nanda and Kezia saw Lucia and her mum at the hospital in Tuesday. It was Lucia’s first off-treatment appointment and she’s doing well (as she writes here). Nanda showed Lucia and her mum a photo of our house here. And Nanda saw a photo of YOBS with our consultant John and wants me to take a photo of Kezia with John (and I think we should include Teresa, our social-worker) as well - to show family here and for Kezia to remember.

Travel plans – I hope to spend two weeks with them from the middle of October. I am on a waiting list. The once-weekly direct flight to Europe is fully-booked for six weeks. L. at our local travel agency has assured me she has got me put at the top of the waiting list. A new passport arrived today after four months and six countries! Today I took the precaution of reserving a Xmas/New Year visit as the plane will be packed on the 22 December – L. has told me reservations are already being made.

During the last few days a wonderful perfume has surrounded the house, especially at dusk – the coffee flowered, orange and tangerine blossom …

Work is going well this week – I managed to get a computer we are donating to the local radio and running Linux connected to their broadband link. They had the cabling between two network switches fucked up.

So onto a techie post …

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