Thursday, November 8, 2007

Two Plugs in One

Quilts for Leukaemia and Random Acts of Reality

Recommended reading top left.

Having Tom recommend our blog at the Cheltenham Literature Festival requires a pay-back Although the book is available for free on-line under a Creative Commons License, I would urge our readers to buy a paper copy – you cannot really curl up in bed with a computer.

I was interested in how a blog gets turned into a book.

Although Tom does not hide his political sympathies when it comes to the “dumbing down” of the NHS, he does not dwell on it as much as Drs Rant and Crippen (and perhaps myself) – we regularly comment on the government's health policies (although personal experiences also feature), whilst Tom concentrates on personal day-to-day experiences and his political sentiments seem to come out from the occasional comment in the narrative of an incident. (I must pay due respect to Dr Crippen's weekly round-up of interesting cases – and where the hell are you and the BritMeds?).

Drs Rant and Crippen run excellent blogs but methinks we are too political (and in my case too “scientific” as I learned about Kezia's illness and treatment) to get picked up by a publisher.

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