Thursday, November 1, 2007


I visited Jaime and Kezia's school three times (apart from pick-ups) – once with the head-teacher, once with Jaime's teacher and once with Kezia's teacher.

Jaime is continuing to get along very well. He continues to be withdrawn from class for language (reading/writing) support but is doing well – they reckoned he would be pretty much “up there” by the end of the year. I forwarded them some of the leukaemia sibling support material aimed at his age-group for use in his reading classes.

The head-teacher was wonderful. First, she commented (making us very very proud) “In our day and age, respect and good behaviour was the norm and not remarked upon, but now I must note that Jaime is a most well-behaved and respectful pupil. All the teachers want to work with him ...”.

Second, when I asked for Jaime to have my second Monday off so we could have an extra day out as a family, she said “That would be an excellent idea!”.

Kezia started what we call in the UK “nursery school” in September. According to her teacher (who was Jaime's in Year 3 last year) she's doing very well. G. showed me around and explained methods, procedures and the formal evaluation procedures for children her age.

Her only comment was that Kezia plays by herself a lot – but that is not too surprising or concerning. She spent her first five months in, the UK without other children around her, and then when Jaime arrived in November last, she was left to amuse herself for 7 hours a day (apart from hospital visits, treatment and Mum).

What really amazed me though, is that the imaginary friends you create at that age, especially when you are alone, she would talk to 100% in English!

So below we have a collage of school photos:

Jaime and Kezia setting out for school

Kezia in front of Jaime's school

Kezia in front of her nursery school

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