Wednesday, November 12, 2008


For 2 1/2 years I have tried to obscure to greater or lesser extents our geographical origin in Africa and our location in the UK.

With posts on the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, Bury market etc, you will have surmised our UK location is somwhere in the northwest of England. If you are familiar with the town or even the area of the town where we live, then some of the photos I have posted will have given you a good idea.

Our location in Africa is perhaps somewhat vaguer.Somewhere in west/central Africa. A couple of our readers knew where we were from pre-blog days. Only one, Andy Hockley of Csikszereda Musings, whose early working life in many ways mirrored my own, guessed correctly.

I worry about the UK immigration authorities, I worry about the UK health authorities - I've touched upon this before - how the General Practioners (GPs - your family doctor) have refused to report appealing refused asylum seekers (which we are not). who are officially not eligible to free health treatment, to the immigration authorities. They are some of the most vulnerable and deprived members of UK society. How our local PCT accounts department (paying for Kezia's treatment) didn't ask ...

We may not be legally eligible to UK state health and education services - to all the assistance that nurses, doctors, social workers, ambulance drivers, receptionists, school secretaries, teachers and cooks etc etc have unreservedly and confidentially given us.

With Jaime's appearance in Caroline Irby's Guardian/Channel 4 photo-journalism project, we can no longer hide our geographical locations, whether in the UK or Africa - we have been "outed".

In the UK we rent a small furnished terraced house in Rochdale, 30 seconds walk from my brother.

Our home is in the small African (two) island state of Sao Tome e Principe off the west coast of Africa on the equator - get out your atlas.

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