Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas to all readers.

Grim. I didn't realise how grim.

I had to take alot of Leave without Pay in November thro' sickness. I have been reading the news on the Internet about the global economic recession. Fuel and energy prices, both globally and domestically going haywire. Exchange rates ...

Personal financial hardship led me to ask Teresa, our social-worker if she could arrange something to help us out over December-January. She noted many charities are rejecting grant requests ... their money was invested in the Icelandic bank collapse and no-one is donating.

No-one is donating.

The national chainstore Woolworths, selling everything from toys to CDs to clothes to garden furniture to etc, that existed since many years before I was born, has collapsed. So the employees of our local Woolworths store are facing imminent unemployment. Worse still the town hosts the northwest's Woolworths distribution centre so the town loses 500+ jobs.

TV, radio and pubs are constantly playing the optimistic Slade song "Merry Christmas" ....

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