Monday, December 15, 2008


"Ravens I use in my paintings because they clean up the land ... buzzards also clean up the mistakes on the the highways done by human beings."


Rob said...

From here I'd say Kezia's is the better's really quite lovely.

Angus said...

You can buy it if you like - starting price USD 5000 (that's what the Don van Vliet cost!).

uair01 said...

I can only tell the difference by the colors. I would guess the black/grey is the original crow by Don van Vliet. But they are very similar and both pleasant to look at.
Quite different from the Burroughs drawings which are less pleasing to the eye.

Angus said...

Dear Peter

Thank you for the comment.

You're right of course! But I was amazed how many people here at work said the opposite!