Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NHS Cancer Commissioning Toolkit

I tried to register on the NHS Cancer Commissioning Toolkit website yesterday.

Today I received this email:

Hi Angus

I’ve been sent your details by the Cancer Commissioning Toolkit team to ‘activate’ your registration. However, I need to know who your employing organisation is (this was blank on the user details) as users have to be employees of NHS organisations that have signed Data Access Agreements. Sorry if this sounds pedantic/bureaucratic, but there are currently some restrictions on access – but if you can confirm that you’re employed by an NHS organisation, then that’s not a problem!

Many thanks

Best wishes


Pauline Quennell

Network Audit Project Manager


My response:

Hi Pauline

As the Sector field in the registration form includes "NHS User", as I and my family are registered with a GP practice, as my daughter is undergoing treatment for leukaemia under the NHS and as only certain fields are asterisked, giving the impression these are the only ones that are obligatory, I assumed I would be eligible to sign-up for the Cancer Commissioning Toolkit.

However, I am not an employee of the NHS and therefore, as you explain, not eligible. Perhaps the CCT website designers could make this clearer.

Best wishes


The DoH document on Cancer Commissioning Guidance is here.

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