Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The NHS writes to me

Today I have received a personal letter from Ben Bradshaw, Minister of State for Health, asking me most politely to complete the attached GP Patient Survey.

He has commisioned Ipsos MORI to select me randomly from the NHS list of patients registered with a GP. The reference number on Ben's letter is 8339412879. The reference no. on the attached Ipsos MORI questionnaire is 8003357137. My online password is JZVPS. I am assured that "Once the survey is finished, your contact details will be destroyed". Ipsos MORI "will keep your contact details confidential". Ben Bradshaw's letter has two barcodes and a couple of other mysterious numbers, the Ipsos MORI survey has another two barcodes. I can't read barcodes. So my response is secure aaand I am confident they won't be passed on to the immigration authorities, the police, social services, the PCT or even my GP.

Ben doesn't tell me when or where the results will be published.

So I will dutifully fill it out and send it off in the prepaid envelope ... and if you want to hack my responses, please try! I certainly will next week!


lucia said...

it let me log in online! what a joke!


Angus said...

Lucia - put my snail-mail reply in the post on Wednesday. See if you can still reply online using my logon and put exactly the opposite of what you think I replied - lets see if they get confused.

lucia said...

okay :)

lucia said...

got on it again! twice! and put different answers each time :D

Angus said...

What's more it seems to remember your answers from the last time you completedthe survey!