Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday from the NHS

Update from Rosie ...

Hello darling friends,

I just wanted to say an amazingly big thank you for all your wonderful messages of support, love & general Birthday / Barfday celebration!

I've been quite blown away by the flowers, cards, pictures, chocolate, cake, apricots, booze, & pretty pictures of corsets you've sent me over t'interweb & in person.
Not to mention cheering up Ward 4 with glamour & gothicness in the shape of your dear selves. & thanks for understanding how fast I got tired.

I keep telling myself this can't possibly be the NHS: not least when all the staff on the ward yesterday brought a cake in to me & sang happy birthday. Here's the picture to prove it... me and my Borg Implant & my cake!

You are dear & lovely friends.

I should be ill more often, really, if it gets this sort of response...

As for today, my new and exciting symptom is feeling like I've been duffed up in a dark alley by a gang of skinheads. Aaargh..

Hurrah for painkillers!

At least I don't feel queasy... I can deal with anything but queasy...

And I had chips for my lunch & baked beans on toast for breakfast. Bring it on.

love & stuff

Rosie xxx

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