Friday, June 12, 2009


My boss, Ken, says I work better under stress. I think he's probably right.

Current status:

- Money: status constant.

- Shipping household effects: status collected but no invoice yet (connected to above).

- Kezia's Santomense passport: status resolved.

- Flight tickets: booked but how will I pay? (i.e. also connected to first item).

- Check-in and immigration at London Heathrow: do I need an affidavit saying Nanda is not kidnapping our daughter?

- Arrival in Sao Tome: a friend who works for the airport authority has promised to get me a security pass into the baggage hall.

Future medical treatment: no oncologist/haematologist here, malaria, vaccinations ...


- the freezer compartment of the refridgerator has packed up.

- for a long the satellite TV decoder has been dead, the kids will expect a new one.

- had to sell two cars (one which my brother-in-law pronged). Nanda will want one.

- the kitchen sink is blocked.

The list goes on ...

But, needless to say, I need to resolve as much of this as possible before their arrival!

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Anonymous said...

My dad always says keep the small problems coming and keep the big ones away. I think that applies to you at the moment.

I really admire Nanda for upping sticks to the UK without the language and her own local support network. I have often thought of her over the last few years as having a sick child is a lonely place for most parents but it must have been very tough on her in a distant country with all the worries and anxieties that goes with the treatment. Bon voyage to all of your family and many happy beach days.