Thursday, July 2, 2009

Payment by Result

I'm slowly clearing up the dining table, covered in shit (sorry, papers) in anticipation of the family's arrival on 31 July.

As I clear up all these papers, more accumulate. On top of the latest pile is the British Society of Haematology/Royal College of Pathologists' January 2008 report Haematology Consultation Workforcr: The Next 10 Years. Table 1 is entitled Initiatives since the previous workforce document (2001) and is divided into "Rgulatory Initiatives" and "Influential Initiatives".

One of the latter is "Payment by Results". How the hell are they going to evaluate and pay Kezia's consultant on whether she survives leukaemia when he is following an approved protocol for the treatment of T-cell ALL?

Is the doctor reponsible for me drinking like a chimney and smoking like a fish?

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