Monday, February 21, 2011

False Economy - Whistleblowing

On Friday I posted the personal experience of a typical mid-level civil servant in local government in a typically depressed high unemployment town in the north of England. S/he is given the unfortunate role of making 25% of his/her staff unemployed. S/he then fears that his/her own job will be cut.

I also posted the email on the False Economy website.

Today (Sunday) s/he rang me to request that I take the post down (both on my blog and on False Economy) saying that if his/her bosses see it his/her redundancy is likely to come sooner than later. A call from the UK to central Africa is not cheap - s/he must be worried to call me when s/he could have sent me an email. I cannot do anything until Monday anyway as I don't have an Internet connection at home.

In the UK there are laws and regulations to protect whistle-blowers. Obviously, my friend does not feel these are enough to protect his/her job and his/her arse in the present climate.

I hate to think of the "climate" in the UK currently. The "law and order" party is even cutting police force and Defense budgets! What the fuck is going on?

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