Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Christmas in the UK - Final Part

Final part I promise!

Jaime, in six weeks in the UK, was beginning to get into Gadgets! Primary school in the UK is teaching him computers ... I expect he'll want a Play Station etc etc soon

Christmas presents included a host of “kits” - a Meccano (now M&S) plane, a wooden dinosaur etc etc – I approve of this, encourages your mechanical skills. schematics, reading etc etc. Hey I grew up with all this and I'm sure it did me good!I But they all say 2 years and up – what? They challenged me at 44! You expect a 7 year old to deal with this!

Hence the photo below when he wanted and learned to manipulate my digital camera!

We went out for a walk on New Year's Day up the Spodden Valley next to the abandoned asbestos mill, known as Taylors, now owned by the multinational Federal Mogul. When my brother's dog, Lady, was alive we'd take her out for walks up here – a rural idyll in the midst of decaying industrial Lancashire

Much of the woods are now taped off-limits due to asbestos-waste dumping (and there's big legal things going on) but the main footpath is still open. Not really a place for Nanda, Jaime and Kezia to go alone but ok during the day for the family.

Kezia looks like the Red Dwarf serial killer in Nicholas Roeg's film “Don't Look Now” - the scariest “horror” film I've ever seen. All suspense, no (well, not much) gore!

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