Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A New Link - Patty Feist

I have just discovered an awesome site about ALL run by Patty Feist in Colorado. She attempts to answer many of the more technical aspects in layman's terms (as we are trying to do here). Her collection of links to other ALL sites (both technical and support) she is involved with is also amazing. I've only just touched on it. I know this will be a resource I will be using alot in future posts. She also runs the Childhood Cancer Webring - link at bottom of page. Please take a look!


Anonymous said...


I hope you join us over at ALL-kids. (The link is on Patty's site.) I came over here from a link at ALL-kids. It's basically a support group for parents of ALL kids, but there is also good, up to date information. Best of all, you connect with other parents going through this crap and can ask questions like, "Has anyone else seen this side effect" and get answers from folks who have been there, done that.

Thanks for all the low down on the drugs, I found it very interesting to read. I hope things continue to go well with your precious daughter.


PS. My daughter is 4 (3 years at diagnosis) at for the most part tolerating things well.


Angus said...

Thanks Marie - keep visiting. Touch wood Kezia is doing well so far. Today she started Escalating Capizzi II - escalating doses of IV methotrexate.

Anonymous said...


I am also a parent of a daughter with ALL, though my 8 year old has pre B cell ALL. Patty posted a link to your blog on the ALL-Kids list, so you'll probably get a lot of visitors today. I enjoyed reading your blog since several of the same drugs are used in my daughter's treatment. Your daughter is adorable, and I wish her (and you) all the best.


Angus said...

Thanks Sue

Well we got 104 visitors yesterday, 7 of which came from the link. However, I think many must have typed in the url direct as our normal hit rate is in the teens. IV MTX and vincristine today - hope it has gone well.

Anonymous said...

I got your link off of ALL-Kids. I have a 9 year old son with ALL Dx 6/30/06 currently in LTM. I really enjoyed reading all the things on your site. I receive much strength from reading stories from people facing similar experiences. I hope the best for your family and especially your daughter.