Monday, January 22, 2007

Christmas in the UK - Part 2

Christmas Eve was a bit of a blur. I was totally knackered. What I do remember follows:
  • Nanda had opened and repacked all the presents under our Asda Christmas Tree. This is kind of par-for-the-course as Nanda has done this every Christmas since I've known her and I end up doing a kind of cat and mouse/hide and seek game with presents. I think it's partly cultural and partly personal – traditionally Christmas Eve after Midnight Mass is the big time here (because of colonially/catholic imposed practices), it being a poor African country you don't buy presents for all and sundry (well, anyone for that matter) and personal Nanda is totally materialistic! Whilst in the UK Christmas presents are opened on the morning of the 25th. I commented as she knew I would but this year I didn't make a fuss. Too tired.
  • My brother and sister-in-law came round early evening. We talked for a while but, I confess, I had to say I need to crash, I'm shattered, bye.

Christmas (25th) morning arrived and, as my surprise presents hadn't arrived, we had a leisurely breakfast before opening the presents which had already been opened. (Sorry to harp on at this – it really annoys me!).

At 11 we went around to P. and P.'s. for Christmas dinner. Fortunately, Nanda had been unable to open their presents to Kezia and Jaime in advance so there were big surprises. Best for us as parents was a kids' size table and two chairs so they can sit up to table for meals!

P.'s son S. came round (I really love him). Here's a picture – Cheers S. Thanks for everything!

A wonderful traditional Christmas dinner followed - turkey, stuffing (three types!), roast spuds, brussel sprouts, gravey, Christmas Pudding (flambed on the table), mince pies, crackers (not the edible kind), silly paper hats etc etc. My brother made it all! Thanks! (If any of our non-UK readers want some explanation, please ask!).

After dinner Jaime and Kezia had had enough and wanted to take off home with their new presents – ungrateful bastards. So we walked around the corner with table and chairs on our heads.

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