Thursday, February 15, 2007

National Blood Service Protests - Update

I cannot see anything in the news about yesterday's protests about closing U.K. blood centres apart from this from BBC Birmingham. Anyone got any news?


barakta said...

Wow! What a fantastic blog - I've just read it in semi-random order. I'm another Dr Crippen diverted reader.

I shall go and do more reading on the blood service stuff as I can see how that's a false economy! I received three exchange transfusions as a baby in Pendlebury because of jaundice. I was transferred there from the hospital in which I was born and stayed three months in 1980.

Pendlebury hospital building is fantastic. I hope they do something worthy of it when they make it no longer a hospital. They used to have donkeys down the corridors (are they still there?) and there are lots of photos of me on them throughout my childhood. Pendlebury was always mine and my family's preferred hospital as a child because of the child friendly policies which in 1980 were in their infancy compared to now. My parents had to get special dispensation in other hospitals to get what was automatic in Pendlebury. Things such as accompanying children to theatre which in my case was necessary as I am deaf and couldn't understand strangers behind medical masks!

I am sorry to see the bureaucratic processes surrounding immigration and financial assistance still cause hardship to families such as yours. My parents didn't have immigration worries, but even with my father's good UK job, and sympathetic employers it was difficult and they relied heavily on family for my first few years of life.

I shall keep Kezia and your family in my thoughts and hope that the treatment works well enough for you all to go home soonest.

Lucia said...

Yep the donkeys are still here but you aren't allowed to sit on them now :]

Angus said...

Thanks for the compliments - and I've forwarded your compliment to RMCH to our consultant and social worker.

As Lucia said the donkeys are still there and there are also aquariums dotted around the place. It's truly a marvellous magical place - and makes such a change from John Crippen's NHS doom and gloom! The building is fantastic as you say. It's such a shame to see the RMCH moving to an ultra-modern seemingly character-less super hospital in central Manchester - but I'm sure he staff will do their best to make it as child-friendly as Pendlebury.

Iwonder where your family is from originally?

barakta said...

Not allowed to sit on the the donkeys!?!? Surely that's the POINT! Meh! I shall have to dig out my last batch of pictures which I think I have.

I've just realised my wording about my father's UK job is ambiguous *doh to me*. My parents are both British. They had just moved into a new house in Stockport after 6 weeks in a B&B with my 2 yr old sister because my dad started a new job a few weeks before I was born.

In 1980 they didn't have paternity leave or as much understanding in employers for ill children - especially not for a new employee. Luckily my dad's boss who became a family friend allowed my dad to do hospital things and make up the hours at other times.

The differences between those people and organisations who did little things to make life easier and the jobsworths who made life difficult are still remembered today. My mum still keeps in touch with some of the kind people we met through the hospital system, from the now deprecated milk bank ladies up to junior and now well renowned doctors.