Friday, February 23, 2007

NHS Together

NHS Together is a campaign that, to quote,

"brings together all the health service unions and staff associations together with the TUC.

It's a new campaign alliance of health staff. We want to raise the alarm at what is happening to the NHS and to press the government for honest and open discussion about its reform agenda.

The NHS has been getting better thanks to increased spending and the dedication and commitment of NHS workers to new ways of working.

But progress is under threat:

  • Health trust deficits are causing cuts in patient care and staff jobs

  • NHS staff support reform that delivers better patient care, but that has been replaced by untested rapid changes with no staff involvement.

  • the fragmentation of the NHS threatens the NHS values that bind it together.
On Saturday 3 March NHS Together is planning a national day of action with the aim of sending a powerful message in celebration and defence of the NHS.

Here's the NHS Together website where you can find events in your local area.

For our sake, Lucia's, John's and everyone's, please please support it.

(And don't forget to sign the online petition).

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