Wednesday, February 14, 2007

National Blood Service - the St Valentine's Day Massacre

I read in the news today that there are plans to cut the number of U.K. blood centres from twelve to three. These centres match blood, platelets and plasma to individual patients. Protests at these cuts are planned today by the trade union Amicus. Here's their press release.

From our own experience I think these cuts are probably disastrous. We never know whether Kezia is going to need a transfusion until the analysis results come from the hospital lab. If she does need a transfusion, then a wait of up to three hours entails whilst the requisition is sent to the central Manchester blood centre, matched etc and then transported back to the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. Then there's the transfusion itself.

Now Manchester blood centre is not one of those proposed to be cut. But say we were being treated in Birmingham, where it is proposed to close the blood centre, then the blood would have to come from London - and we would probably be talking about an overnight stay, occupying one of those beds in such short supply.


Rosie said...

The BBC news last night led with a report from UNICEF that the UK came last in the child well being study despite it's wealth as a nation. This will do little to enhance the well being of the most vulnerable children in society.

At least you are in Manchester and transfusions will remain a one day event(long ones). Leonie and I spent today waiting and getting a transfusion making it home just in time to collect her brother and sister from school. We are randomised to one DI (with mixed feelings). Regime C looks very hard in comparison and Im sure Kezia has really tough days. I met some parents of children on maintenance last week and they said it is really great compared to the previos blocks so Kezia like Leonie has this to look foward to.
Regards to you all,

Raw Carrot said...

Absolutely mad. And no noise from any of the major parties. You have to love the 'democracy' we find ourselves in.

Angus said...

Hi again Rosie

Yup transfusions take all day for us as well - and sometimes they haven't made it to pick Jaime up from school. So closing blood centres seems really dumb-ass!

One DI. I've still got to research possible long-term effects of these medications but I know there some so maybe one DI could be for the best. We're really looking forward to maintenance as well - 2nd DI still to go and then (I hope) it'll be easier.
Take care