Thursday, May 3, 2007

Patricia Hewitt

I have left much of the commentary about the U.K. health secretary, Patricia Hewitt, to others such as Dr Crippen at NHS Blog Doctor (link on right).

Two of his main themes have been cuts in maternity services and the new procedures for applying to junior doctor training positions (known as MMC/MTAS) which have been widely criticised and culminated last week in two massive IT security breaches involving MTAS.

Tonight sees the airing on BBC1 of two programmes of note. The current affairs documentary Panorama focusses on cuts in maternity services when it sent an undercover reporter to work in two maternity units. Links here and here. The programme airs at 20:00 BST tonight.

The second programme is Question Time at 22:35 on BBC1. A panel of politicians and experts fields questions from the public on issues of concern. Tonight sees Patricia appearing on the panel. I hope she watches Panorama beforehand.

Both programmes can also be viewed on the BBC website for those who miss them or are not in the UK.

For a general overview of the NHS's National Programme for IT (the "Spine") and its many difficulties I would thoroughly recommend Tony Collin's
IT Project Blog.

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