Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Something seems to have gone wrong today

Kezia and Nanda are still stuck in the hospital. Kezia hasn't been seen by a doctor since Sunday but seemingly the chicken pox is cured. Numerous calls to Nanda, the Borchardt Clinic and my brother. The Borchardt Clinic told me they would get a doctor to her twice, then they couldn't hear me. Nanda has been up to see them - same message. Then I had my brother ring and he spoke to both the Clinic and Heywood Ward where they are "interned". He got the same message.

Kafka-esque - you would have thought with bed shortages they would be keen to get rid of her!

Anyway, my brother is picking Jaime up from school and then going to the hospital. Hopefully, they will be ready for discharge. Update tomorrow.

Update: They finally got out of hospital around 18:00.

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Lucia said...

what a nightmare! I was in clinic today and didn't see them but borchardt ward was actually really quiet and had been since sunday night. I hope they got out!