Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Medical Update

Cancer routine.

Yesterday hospital - neutrophil count down due to last week's Dexamethasone so off medication. As stated before, this is actually good as if the counts were "good", it would mean the medication is not working.

Nanda and Kezia had to wait yonks for transport home so I imagine Nanda will chew me out today.


Lea White said...

So good to hear that things are going fine. How much longer is your treatment?

We will have our monthly visit next week Friday and it will be interesting to see what those counts are like. They only want us to go in once a month.

Angus said...

Once a month! You're luckt! We're on once a fortnight if everything is ok but when counts are low it's back to once a week.

By my calculation treatment ends November.