Monday, January 28, 2008

The Private Food Initiative

Following on from the UK Government Department of Health´s announcement of its ¨Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives” multi-million pound programme to stop us becoming obese Americans, the Department of Education has announced it will do its bit as well.

School lunches will be controlled for their nutritional value. (Hasn´t that been tried before?).

Packed lunches provided by parents who opt out of paying for school-provided lunches will be inspected for their nutritional value and non-complying parents appropriately admonished. Moreover, every secondary school will be obliged to give every 11-14 year old obligatory ¨Food Technology¨ lessons.

The government also wants the food manufacturers to take on a more responsible approach to their food labelling,

So, surely, as we are contracting out so much of the National Health Service to private companies through the Private Finance Initiative (and I imagine most NHS culinary services are already contracted out), we can contract Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury´s and Asda to provide healthy school lunches ?

McDonalds can already award academic qualifications so surely they are qualified to provide school lunches.

Give our daugther some Dexamethasone and chips.

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