Thursday, January 10, 2008

Off Treatment

Talking with Lucia fills me with fear of the future when Kezia comes OT.

Nanda would like to be back here yesterday. And really, I also would like us to all be together here yesterday.

The longer Jaime and Kezia are in the UK, the less they will want to come back. I started preparing Nanda for the probable 18 months of observation John will want Kezia to be under on my last visit and she seems to slowly be coming to terms with this. Nanda cannot even handle the idea of a relapse of which I am well-aware - but she has not even considered either the medical or personal implications.

And the first phase of OT (!) will come to an end as Jaime is ready to start secondary school.

Jaime expresses verbally he doesn't want to return, Kezia pretty much expressed it when she outrightly rejected a traditional toy I brought for her this time.

Here there are many advantages - no serious crime, no paedophiles, kids can play in the woods and go to school alone without mum and dad unduly worrying etc etc - like when I was a kid. But health and education are worries - and now they are there, it would be stupid and selfish to bring them back if we can find a way for them to stay ... and preferably without Nanda staying in the UK full-time and preferably with us all meeting up either here or there two or three times a year.

I've started working on it ... watch this space.

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