Friday, April 18, 2008

Form RP9

On 1 May the UK will be holding local government (municipal council) elections. I received my voter card last week stating that if I wanted a postal or proxy vote then I should give the local election office a ring which I duly did and the next day I received Form RP9 Application by Proxy to Vote by Post.

Not exactly what I wanted. I wanted to give my brother proxy voting rights to vote at the local poll station on the day. He has already done this for me once and so is registered as my proxy.

Form RP9 is not addressed to me. It is addressed to my proxy. My proxy has to complete it to vote by post for me. He is allowed to tick a box allowing him to vote for me by proxy and by post in all future elections, both national and local, and referendums. RP9 does not require my signature. For my registered proxy to ask for an RP9 does not require my permission. And my proxy can oviously vote any which way he wants in my name.

Is this open to fraud?

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