Friday, April 18, 2008

News from the Local

At Christmas Dennis and Babs, landlord and landlady of our local pub, informed me they were retiring and I expected them to be gone by now. However, it turned out this week was their last and I managed to catch them before their last night on Wednesday.

Prior to that I met up with some other drinking acquaintances and even made new ones. We all sat in the "smoking room" and I had to remain alert to not fall victim to the dry acerbic sarcastic wit typical around here - (wish I could record it for you).

Met a new acquantance, Kev and his wife. Her son joined the army and committed suicide a victim of bullying. She has learned nothing from the official enquiries and parliamentary lobbying.

John, who I knew was ill, confided to me that he has had epilepsy since birth. He keeps it under control with medication but his drinking doesn't help. He says he doesn't have the stereotypical convulsions but if we see him go quiet and blank in the pub, he's having a crisis.

Last night the temporary manager started - there were just three punters. They'll come back.

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