Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hair Retention Quackery

Break the Family Tradition

I'm beginning to get a little bit thin on top.

Nanda has been attempting to encourage me to buy some kind of hair product to stem or even reverse the loss. I have been dismissive.

But when buying some calamine lotion the other day, I noticed Boots Pharmacy promoting a Hair Retention Programme - "9 out of 10 men keep their hair with our Hair Retention Programme". Curious, I picked up a leaflet. Let us quote ...

"Although the medicine available on the programme will start working straight away, stopping hair loss and encouraging hair growth is a slow process. Despite this you could start to see results in as little as three months.

If you stop taking the medicine, the hair loss process begins again and any results achieved will gradually be lossed over 12 months.

If you keep taking the medicine, new hair growth may be achieved. In clinical studies, 2 out of 3 men showed increased hair growth after 2 years."

Do I need to analyse this for you? Shurely not ... could, may, uncited clinical studies ...

So how much will this cost me? 90 pounds for 12 weeks. But if I don't continue for two years it will be money wasted so I'll end up spending 720 pounds and I might still be one of the 33% who do not respond to the treatment.

Methinks I'll take the sensible approach of keeping my hair cut short.

But the government now wants me to trust Boots Pharmacy to conduct clinical diagnosis instead of going to my General Practitioner.

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