Thursday, July 24, 2008

Aphorisms VI

It has been a long time since I changed the aphorism that appears under the title of this blog but on Monday Dr Rant pointed me to a paper (of which more in the next post) which quotes Aristotle and the definition of the term "Phronesis".

This pretty much describes the English expression "Jack of all trades, master of none" and my current employment. I have advised on and inspected antenna paint systems, I have quantified and provided analysis of diesel and transformer oil analysis reports, I have trained people in 950 KW generator maintenance, I have scuba-dived with no training (I got down 4 metres and my ears were bursting - I surfaced and the contractor, knowing it was my first time, told me "Oh we forgot to tell you how to alleviate the pressure difference"! - I've since undertaken a PADI course!), I have shown transmitter technicians how to update EPROM chip software, I have advised on road construction, administered a LAN etc etc. I am not qualified to do any of this ... but, unlike many people, I will admit my ignorance and will ask questions or research. I am grateful to my school and university education for teaching me to do this.

But this aphorism also applies to the conundrum I posed in my recent post What if ...?

And it also applies to my next post ...

I love my previous aphorism ("Let the story tell itself or let the child tell it”)
, but it is time for a change ... my workplace doctor has even written our new one up on his office's whiteboard!

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