Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Message to Lucia

Now you have become a member of the Central Manchester and Manchester Children's University Trust board of governors (a foundation trust), you really must read Lord Darzi's report, urge all members to read it and also all the documents on the proposed "NHS Constitution". I know this is onerous (the first 18 pages were ...) - but hey, you've got the post-exam holidays in front of you. Read them. Don't let the "adult" reps. browbeat you just 'cos they haven't read them and they are going to patronise you as a cocky youngster. If they are going to take a role on the committee, then they must take the responsibility of reading them.

Make your own opinions and conclusions and express them - hopefully, you'll see my own here.

(Maybe you should take a degree in Health Policy?)


Lucia said...

hi angus, bear with me till I break up on the 18th and then I'll have a read. I meet with the director of childrens services on the 8th august and my two priorities are hospital food and provisions for young people on the new site. I'm applying for politics so health correspondent here I come!

Angus said...

Look forward to hearing about your meeting with the director of children's services.

Politics! Great! Where?

lucia said...

unsure yet, waiting on my results to decide.