Wednesday, July 2, 2008

High Quality Care for All - NHS Next Stage Review Final Report

Lord Darzi's opus magnum ("Document type: Command paper") was issued yesterday. I was only able to download all 84 pages of it today. I've read Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Secretary of State for Health Alan Johnson's salutory one page letters congratulating Lord Darzi on such a superb and visionary effort. I am now moving on to Lord Darzi's "Summary letter" of introduction. I am already reaching for my (ex-) teacher's red pen ...

Tom Reynolds has already made an initial comment as has Dr Crippen. I am awaiting Dr Rant. But it will probably take me from now until the end of the weekend (and thank your deity I have a public holiday on Friday) to read and digest it all.

And at the same time the Department of Health wants me to look at a whole bunch of "consultation" documents issued at the same time on a proposed NHS Constitution!

When do our elected representatives, our doctors and nurses, our paramedics and ambulance crews, Jane and Joe Public have time to read all this bullshit documentation? No wonder they have to bribe people to turn up to consultation exercises.

And now Lord Darzi has completed his report, can the government let him get back to his real job of laparoscopy (keyhole surgery)?

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