Wednesday, September 17, 2008


It was planned that I would spend two weeks with the family in the UK this October, the first month of my contract year, and my boss had already agreed to this.

He learned yesterday that under my employer's laws he is not allowed to advance annual leave to someone on my type of contract under which I accrue 2.5 days per month. As a man-of-honour he said he would honour his prior agreement to advance annual leave in October but after this, could not.

Implication of this ... I would not be able to go to the UK for Christmas and New Year on paid annual leave as I would lose the 7.5 days of accrued annual leave (payback).

An emotional and financial choice – go back in October to join the family on holiday at the seaside in Blackpool.

I desperately want to see them.

But Christmas and New Year are times when the family should be together.

So I am devastated ... decision?

I wait until Christmas.

Only upshot of all this, is that I'll save an airfare and this FY, if Nanda, Jaime and Kezia return here, we'll need every penny that counts for airfares and shipping of the household effects they have accumulated.

My opinion of my employer lowers and lowers ...


Anonymous said...

Thats really tough on you and the rest of the family. Just think though Kezia will be off treatment when you get over and that will make the break so much better for you all. Leonies Dad is away alot and there are readjustment periods for us when he comes back (and when he leaves) but it only takes a few days both ways. I actually think its harder on the person away alone, out of the loop of the day to day rythm that is childrens lives. Roll on next FY...


Angus said...

Thanks Rosie.