Thursday, September 18, 2008

Elizabeth David

I was introduced to the great British cookery writer Elizabeth David by another great Brish cookery writer (of whom I have written before) Alan Davidson.

Sometime in the last two years, I bought her “Collected Classics” - “Mediterrean Food”, “French Country Cooking” and “Summer Cooking”. As with Alan Davidson, her books are highly readable – classics of culinary literature that can be read in bed before shut-eye.

Very much different in style to Alan Davidson, she is also anecdotal at times, but in chapter introductions rather than Alan Davidson's style of individual recipe anecdotes. The recipes are mouth-watering.

Recently two new house-guests arrived ...

If Alan Davidson's recipe for duck egg and fresh tuna omelette doesn't happen soon, they may well end their days in an Eizabeth David recipe.

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Clare said...

You ought to get the classic one - French Provincial Cookery. I'm an ED freak as well, but have recently discovered Nigel Slater - brilliant chef!