Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Medical Update - 28 days and counting

The end is in sight. Yesterday Kezia had her last Vincristine and is now on her last Dexamethasone. 28 days to go. Have just marked them up on my wall-calendar and will be counting them off

Nanda has been content this week – particularly as the hospital transport arrived early and they also got home early.

She even laughed at my reply to her enquiry about her suspicions of my sexual philandery (don't worry - I don't – it's just part of sexual culture here) – “yes, I'm having an affair with Mrs Hand and her five daughters” (a well-worn Ben Elton witticism).

As I won't be there for Off-Treatment Day, I must talk with Pete, Paula and Stefan about an Off-Treatment Party!

Will Kezia understand?


Lea White said...

Oh, wow. That seems so unreal doesn't it? But oh so exciting!

I'm so glad for you guys!

Lea White

Andy H said...

Great news, Angus. Hope it all goes well.