Friday, April 17, 2009

... and today I saw the whole staff of Christies

Hello dear & lovely friends,

More from Castle Lugosi... & at last, today I got dates & details!

Yes - after being left in a broom cupboard & having a consultation with a startled car park attendant last Thursday, this week I saw the entire staff of Christie's and got more info than you can shake a stick at.

Here comes the science... I start chemo on May 5th - I'm having 3 cycles. So that means: one week in hospital having the stuff through a drip, then 2 weeks at home. Then cycle 2 is one week in hospital having the stuff through a drip, then 2 weeks at home. And Cycle three is - yes, you got the idea. 9 weeks in total.

Then I start radiotherapy (with chemo as well) on July 6th, for 6 weeks. Then there's '6 weeks recovery' (no sh*t), then they scan me & find out whether or not I need surgery on my neck & throat. The hope is that the chemo & radiotherapy will have got rid of the tumours. My hope too!

So, it looks like they are blasting me with the heavy-end stuff first off. Works for me. Get the bad news out of the way first.

So, Ms Lugosi is going to be taking a bit of a break. But thank goddess - I already have a box full of unfeasibly glamorous purple wig & sari fabric turbans to choose from.

Could you all keep the vibes a comin' ? And those flexible body parts crossed?
Yes, I thought you could.

If anyone wants to come & see me do my last gigs for a while, I'm hosting the Slippery Belle Burlesque in Manchester tomorrow (friday) & the Grand Theatre Blackpool on Monday 4th May. I might be squeezing a couple more in too (matron).

I'm also having a big party weekend at the Whitby Goff Weekend next weekend, so I shall raise a foaming glass of eyeliner to you all.

love to you all,

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