Friday, April 24, 2009

The International Bear arrives at its new home

The Meanwood Primary School International Bear arrived at its final destination, Jaime's old school, Capella Primary School yesterday. Capella is a village in the centre of São Tomé and myself and my boss Ken (the photographer!) went up to present the bear and Jaime and Kezia's framed photo to the school yesterday afternoon. The teachers (including Jaime's 2nd year teacher) lined up the afternoon students (they run a double-shift system) at the entrance to the school. I gave a little speech and presented the head teacher with the photo and bear. Some of the students in the 4th class remembered Jaime as, although Jaime is now in 5th class, they have a repeating system here so having failed 4th class first time round, are now repeating it. I also mentioned that Jaime has been voted Student of the Year at Meanwood. The head teacher gave a small speech holding up Jaime as an example of what a Santomense/Capella student can achieve.and Ken presented the school with a big jar of sweets. The head teacher then invited a student to say a few words but they were all too shy - but sang us a song instead followed by a long round of applause.

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